Guidelines for Trip Leaders

All Members are encouraged to lead a Club trip, whether it be a 1 day social event, a regular weekend, long weekend or extended trip.

Procedure for leading a trip

The trip leader completes a trip notice form (download from here) and sends it to the Trip Co-Ordinator (, with the trip details, including:

Start and finish dates, location, meeting place and time, trip grading, max number of vehicles allowed in addition to the trip leader and any other special requirements such as, mud tyres, winch, extra fuel, etc.

Trip grading and booking procedure can be viewed on the Club Website.

Check available dates on the Trip Calendar on the Club Website.

Requirements for leading a trip

Some knowledge of the area you intend visiting. If you lead a trip to an area that you are not fully familiar with, it can be treated as an Exploratory Trip, provided all participants are aware of this.

Good preparation including detailed maps.

Plan the route.

Aware of distances and times to be travelled.

Location and size of campsites and whether pre-bookings are required.

Check road closures and general information on the areas you intend visiting, from the local authorities, such as local National Parks office etc.

Aware of any restrictions such as road closures or locked gates etc.

Ensure all participants are capable of joining your trip including driver and vehicle capabilities.

At meeting point, appoint participants to prepare a verbal and a written report. This is usually ‘awarded’ to the last two vehicles to arrive at the meeting point.

Be aware of which participant/s have a current First Aid certificate.

Lead by example – e.g.: No drinking during the driving period. Follow all road regulations etc.

Always keep participants informed and have fun!

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