I am interested in joining the All Wheel Drive Club. How much does it cost?

Membership fees are due on 1 July of each year and are currently $100 single or $120 for a dual membership. Initial joining fees are $140 plus the yearly fee for a single membership and $240 plus the yearly fee for a dual membership. This includes our driver training program which must be completed prior to participating in any 4WD club trips. To join now, click here

What kind of vehicle do I need to join the All Wheel Drive Club?

Any full size 4WD vehicle that is currently registered and road worthy is allowed to join. It must have a low range transfer case and adequate ground clearance. Before you can attend any 4WD trips you have to complete our driver training course.

What kind of communication device will I need?

We use Club Convoy procedures when on trips. This means that all vehicles MUST remain in contact with the Trip leader and convoy through a UHF radio. Channel 15 is the channel for club trips.

Who is a typical Club member?

All Wheel Drive Club members are 4WDing and camping enthusiasts of all ages, who like to use their 4WD's to get away for a day, a weekend or longer with a group of like-minded people. Members enjoy touring and camping for the purpose of appreciating our great country, whilst participating in and promoting conservation of our natural heritage and the sustainable use of the bush.

There is a full cross section of members from "hard-core" 4WDrivers to people who just like scenic tours. Members like to go places and see things. However, we do enjoy a moderate challenge from time to time and ensure there is something for everyone. There is a group of drivers who compete in events such as the Nissan Trials, Willowglen and Woodpecker Challenge. It's always fun to travel to these events as spectators and support your team.

Members will most likely own a slightly modified 4WD or a standard 4WD. You will find a wide variety of 4WD's, along with a wide variety of tents, camper trailers, and even the occasional swag!

What do I have to do to become a member of the All Wheel Drive Club?

The Club requires you to submit an application for membership with the appropriate fee. To join now, click here. The committee will then approve your membership and once you have completed driver training you can participate on 4WD trips.

Okay, so I pay my membership fee, and I get accepted into the Club as a member. What is included in my membership?

Once you are accepted as a member you get free comprehensive driver training, a monthly copy of Beyond the Bitumen (the Club Magazine), you are able to participate in a wide variety of trips and social events, access to the club shop and discounts at various suppliers. You will be able to get help, ideas and advice from very experienced members. As well, you can access preferred insurer rates through Club4X4 which can mean savings for insuring your vehicle every year.

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