Trip Gradings:

Grade A – Extremely Difficult

Suitable for very experienced drivers who want a challenging trip with extreme track conditions. Vehicles must be equipped with suitable modifications such as snorkel, high ground clearance, significant wheel articulation, over sized tyres and at least one diff locker. Both driver and vehicle must be prepared to handle situations that test their ability. Specialised recovery equipment may be required.

Grade B – Moderate to Difficult

Suitable for experienced drivers only. Vehicles to have increased ground clearance and wheel articulation. May involve very steep hills, large washaways, mud, rock steps, deep ruts, soft sand, difficult creek crossings, deep bog holes and deep snow which may involve winching and other specialised recoveries. Both driver and vehicle must have the ability to handle difficult situations.

Grade C – Moderate

Suitable for experienced drivers with unmodified vehicles, may involve soft sand, steep hills, washaways, bog holes, ruts, mud, snow, slippery tracks and deeper creek crossings.

Grade D – Relatively Easy

Suitable for all club vehicles. May involve sand, mud, forest tracks, moderate hills and shallow creeks.

Grade E – Very Easy / Social

Little or no four wheel driving involved, driving on unsealed roads. Trips usually designed for touring, camping and social events. May involve easy to get to base camp then optional four wheel driving from there.

Grade X – Exploratory

Exploratory, generally suitable for experienced drivers as the degree of difficulty is often unknown. Enquire with the Trip Leader.

As approved by the AWDC Committee - 27th August 2009

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